Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Some Pretty Cool Man Cave Ideas

The "Man Cave".  Besides a garage it is the one feature about a house that men get excited about during home searches. They lust after them.   Its the one room in the house that women will never truly "get".  It's generally accepted that the males have the ultimate say over it's contents, what gets hung on the walls, etc without any interference from women.  
A “Man Cave” is a room in the house, where a man can get away from the pressures of daily life. It is his personal refuge full of his favorite things.  Man Caves come in all shapes, sizes and themes but one thing they all have in common is testosterone.
The “Man Cave” is no longer an elusive dream. According to a recent survey by, 40% of homeowners say that their home already has a man cave of some sort.  It can be anything from a man's home office to a full out themed rec room for hanging out with the guys. 
So what goes into the typical Man Cave?
Flat screen TV (75%)
Recliner (69%)
Stereo (68%)
Refrigerator (67%)
DVD player (67%)
Computer (65%)
Bar (64%)
As you can see nearly all man caves are alike when it comes to what is in them, TV’s, Surround Sounds, Refrigerators and bars.  So how can you set your Man Cave apart from the rest?  The theme.  Below are 10 man cave themes I’ve came across, hopefully these themes will give you some inspiration.
10 Man Cave Themes...well 11 if I want to do this properly. 
This man cave is home to a serious golf fan. The cave features a putting green, two flat screen televisions, golf club storage, and plenty of PGA related memorabilia. There is also a rollup garage door entry way, and full wall poster of a gorgeous costal golf course. This man cave looks like a comfortable place to hang out, watch a game and practice your putting skills. Good thing it's a man cave 'cause I'd have a wayward ball through one of those flatscreens before you could blink. 
Instead of creating your typical game room, the owner of this home wanted something that could display wild game. To keep things cool and lit properly, the house has 39 Crestron control interfaces—35 of which are wall-mounted. The media room features a 116-inch screen, a VX-2000d CW DLP projector, a loudspeaker system and Halcro processing and amplification. Notice the wood beam detail on the ceiling.  By Contrast, various racks and stuffed critter trophies are a bit of a redneck bonus!


If you are into pool, and have enough room available in your man cave, considering adding a pool table and custom entertainment center. We had a pool table in the rec room of the house I grew up in and it was always a fun way to pass the time.  
If you are a musician, you can try a slightly different take on the man cave. The back corner of this basement was completely sound proofed so the cave owner can jam as loud as he wants without disturbing the rest of his family.  I'd love to know if this actually works. 
Dual red-felt game tables are the center attraction in Vegas-themed cave. A granite bar, slot machine and leather furniture complete the setting. It's just missing the showgirls... and the gangstas. 
You'll likely need a little extra space for this idea. But if you enjoy basketball and want to shoot some hoops during commercial breaks, consider installing a basketball hoop and some hard wood floors.
If you dig motorcycles you may want to convert your man cave or garage into this unique design. I'm not a motorcycle fan but I could hang out here, even though I'm not a dude. 
Do you want to give your basement the feel of an old-world brewery. Check out these walls and archway. Chuck a couple of oak barrels and a keg or two in there and you're all set. 
The bat cave! This man cave might be out of most enthusiasts budget, but its worth looking at anyway. Even if you don’t have the money this guy had to sink in to it, you can still draw inspiration.  I don't know... I know I'm the wrong gender but this just seems claustrophobic to me. 
Death Star themed man cave… what more needs to be said?  My boys would have loved something like this...ah well boys, maybe in your own homes one day.  
And because this is Canada afterall...
What would this post be without a few ideas for hockey themed man caves?  I love the ice rink floor and hockey puck ottomans (should it be called an ottoman in a man cave or a stool?) of the first example.  The second themed man cave comes complete with hockey net inspired seating, flat screen jumbotron viewer and a zamboni beer fridge.  Is that cool or what?
What do you think of these man cave ideas? Let me know in the comments below, and give me any ideas you have.

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