Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday October 5, 2013

Another early morning.  I'd love to be able to sleep in.  However, as long as I'm up I'm trying to make better use of my time and channel some of it towards back-end stuff with my real estate business.  Unfortunately this morning all I've been able to muster up so far is a hot pot of coffee and a little bit of Facebook time.   I did acquire a new contact manager program yesterday though that I want to play around with a bit more.  It is called Realty Juggler.  Up until now I've used Top Producer but have been looking around at other options.  If any of my readers have had experience with either, comment and let me know your thoughts.

Wow, is it ever getting crisp outside in the morning.  As nice as the weather has been for this time of year, Fall is definitely in the air.  It seems like a week ago I was wondering when the leaves on the maples on my property would start to shine their reds and oranges...and I looked out yesterday and there they were, like they'd changed overnight.  Now, we both know that's not how it happens but there you have it.



There are still the odd strangler of the flower variety (aka Weed) left but I imagine they will soon be giving up the ghost as well.


We have this bird feeder that is suctioned to the outside of our living room window.  We fill it daily and our regular visitors seem to be of the Blue Jay variety.  They aren't neat eaters, putting it mildly.  They'll sit at the feeder and take big swipes at the pile of seed looking for "the one" good enough to eat.  They seem to think it's a game to shove the rest of the seeds out onto the ground.  It's frustrating as we never intended to feed the Blue Jay population but they seem to have bullied all the rest of the birds away.  Not sure what to do about that.    The one perk of the Blue Jay's bad table manners is that we seem to have attracted a few pheasants who are more than happy to help themselves to the table scraps.


I think it's funny that he keeps looking up at the living room window to see if he's being watched when all the while I'm downstairs at one of the basement windows snapping away.


We have a few flocks of pheasants around the neighbourhood.  They make the rounds, probably other neighbours are feeding them as well.  We've seen many babies.  This year there seemed to be a bumper crop and we thought for sure most of them were female however over the past couple of weeks the males have been starting to show their colours.  I think they are gorgeous.

On the family front, I was able to see Matt a couple of times this week which was nice.  I'll take it.   I'm glad he chose to go to university in Halifax instead of further away.  It's looking likely that Ben is leaning towards Saint Mary's next year as well, but it's early yet and time will tell.  The universities are just starting their open houses and Ben is showing more of an interest in his future schooling so I'm hoping he will want to attend a few of the open houses.

Speaking of Ben, he is going to start volunteering with Hope for Wildlife.  For my readers outside of the Halifax area, Hope for Wildlife is a wildlife rescue center in Seaforth just outside of the City.  They take in sick, orphaned or injured wildlife of all types and nurse them back to health and otherwise care for them until they are well enough to be released.  If it sounds familiar to you, yes they are the same Hope for Wildlife featured on the TV series.  Anyway, he applied as a volunteer for credit in his high school Leadership course.  He finally got a call back earlier this week from them and he is to go in next week to start training and to take a bit of a tour.  They think that since he's a high school student that they probably won't train him on the animal care but I think he'll be happy just being there and being able to see the animals, even if he is just cleaning up or helping with tours and birthday parties.  He has such a soft spot for animals and critters.  He pretends to be all gruff but he's a pretty caring guy.  I thought that he'd make a great nurse or a vet but those don't seem to be career options that interest him.  Maybe having this exposure to wild animals at Hope for Wildlife will light that spark I see inside of him.

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