Wednesday, 25 September 2013

September 25, 2013

Up and at 'em.

I dread the time of year that my "get up time" is earlier than the sun's!  Waking up to darkness is a bit of a downer, isn't it?  Oh well, my new routine can be a cup of coffee and a sit down in front of the window to watch the sun come up.... it's all in the attitude.

It's been an interesting few days at the office.  I am still on a bit of a mental energy "high" from the Ignite conference and it's been very quiet in the team office lately which translates into not very much work.  Sometimes it feels like a bit of a brick wall.  Last year, the entire team went to Ignite and we were so much busier afterwards.  This year the rest of the team decided not to go so it was just me.  My team lead told me after the conference that he had hoped I would pick up the energy and then come back and give them all a motivational kick in the ass.  However, I'm understanding...that the  kick in the ass needs to come from within.  That energy needs to come from inside each one of them...I can't do it for them.  I feel like we are on different pages and I don't like it.

There are, however, a couple of other agents in the office that attended Ignite that seem to be as excited about growing their business as I am right now.  I've suggested to them that we start a "support" group of sorts... hold regular get togethers to bounce ideas off of each other, help each other out.  I'm thinking that was well received, so hopefully soon we can get that started.   I've set some personal/business/financial goals for next year that I want to reach.   And because I need to keep myself accountable, here they are:

1)  Make enough of an income so that we can refuse the next military transfer
2)  Make as much as my husband, if not more.
3)  Develop a new business plan and become better organized with my business
4)  Develop one or two new business/client care strategies that I can do consistently and do well.

I'm not asking for the moon.  All of these are perfectly attainable with some effort.  I know that this needs to be a slow process for it to work.  I need to develop behaviours/actions towards my business and client care that I can maintain consistently.  I need to be a crockpot, not a microwave.   :-)

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