Monday, 30 September 2013

Monday September 30, 2013

Another Monday morning.   I'm wondering what the work week will bring this week.  There is a possibility of two new listings for Bruce, which will keep me occupied for a time with the background admin work.   One is a lakefront home on Joyce Court in Lake Echo and the other is an ocean view lot on Conrad Road in Lawrencetown.   The owners of the lakefront home seem very nice, and they have the cutest little boy.  I'm hoping the place sells quickly for them.   

I spent my Saturday moving this...


There are 3 cords of wood there.   Enough to heat our home over the winter on a normal year.  It sure didn't look like 3 cords to me but after it was all moved and stacked inside the woodshed (that building behind the pile of wood in the pic) I measured it and there is definitely 3 cords + there.   This morning my left arm is all sore and bruised from the wood.  

We brought the boy home for the weekend from University so that he could lend a hand moving and stacking the wood.  So in between carrying armloads of wood I was putting through loads of laundry.

I was just so glad to see the Boy that I'd have gladly done twice that amount of laundry!  I know that I pushed him to move into residence for his first year of university instead of commuting from home but I think I was unprepared for just how much I'd miss him.  The first week was awful, but then he came home over the weekend and when he went back to residence on Sunday I was fine from that point on.  I think I just needed that reassurance that I would be seeing him periodically.  I think I'm pretty lucky that way.

It's been two weeks since the Ignite real estate training and I notice a definite cooling of excitement from some of the other office attendees who were so fired up.  We'd planned on getting together to exchange ideas and support each other but so far no one has done anything towards organizing this.  I am hoping that it is just because they are busy and not that they are losing their steam.  I think we need to share our energy, share our ideas, support and help each other.  I'll give it a bit more time, but I can't afford to wait for another year. I may have to consider other options in terms of companies I work for afterall and that is a decision that is stressing me out to a degree.   I love my career but I have sold out my listing inventory and have found a home for my last buyer which is closing in a couple of weeks and so far there are no more clients or leads for me to follow up on.   I'd welcome some new clients, especially buyers... I love helping buyers.   There is a saying in the industry that to be wildly successful you need to have listings and I suppose that is true, however if I was forced to choose between buyers and sellers for the rest of my career, I'd pick buyers.   I just get such a warm fuzzy feeling when they are tickled pink to be into a new home that they love. 

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