Saturday, 21 September 2013

Early Saturday Morning Ponderings

They say that the early bird gets the worm and I'm certainly testing that theory out for the past few days.   Since I had kids I've never really been able to sleep in (what parent can??) however my kids are adults now and I still found myself getting up ungodly early (6:15 ish AM) while I envied my hubby who could contentedly sleep in for hours longer.  The Bastard.
This week I attended a real estate training and motivational conference called Ignite put on by talented speaker, motivator and real estate guru Richard Robbins and his Team.  At one point Richard said that successful people get up early and use the extra time to their advantage.   Suddenly the early mornings for me seem like an opportunity to concentrate on myself instead of a missed opportunity for more snoring.   So, for the past couple of days I've been getting up at 5:30 AM.  I tell you, if nothing else, it gives me a new appreciation for that first cup of coffee!
So what am I going to do with that time?  To be honest, I have no idea right now.   I'm using it to check Facebook and email which I usually did at the office, so I guess I'm saving time that way that I could better spend on business.   I've also used the time to resurrect this blog, which I think I am going to enjoy.  So, I plan to use the time to get myself more productive...whether that be in a business sort of way, or a personal sort of way or just a mental's all up in the air.  Right now I'm winging it until I find what works.  And I'm good with that.
I'm also using it to think.  I've got some decisions to make soon and I am not sure where to start.   Who I work for, which company I represent, which direction do I want to head.  I've put off those decisions for a long time...years...because I am getting a steady paycheque and there is a certain amount of safety in that.  But it comes at the expense of getting up in the morning every day and knowing that you face a work day not being completely satisfied with the work you are doing.   I've also been waiting for the perfect opportunity to stumble at my feet and it never really has.  Do I want to continue working for some one else, or do I want to work for myself?   I need to figure it all out and take a Leap of Faith....and soar.

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