Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer Scramble

Wow, here we are mid-July already! My broker has this habit of coming into the office and telling everyone how many shopping days left until Christmas. Now, in January and Feb that was amusing if not a little annoying. Here in mid-July we're all shaking our heads and wondering where the time went. To top it all off, several people I know have their Christmas shopping done. Oh my gosh. Why could I have not been born with the "Keener" gene. Lot's going on here at Casa Laprade. To back up the truck to my last entry, Prom night went well.

So, the boy cleans up well. And the pictures do not do the young lady justice, my jaw dropped when I first saw her that night. Beautiful.

Anyway, back to lots going on. Busy summer so far. Besides our individual work lives, Hubby and I are also preparing for a visit from Hubby's brother Donnie and his girlfriend and her 13 year old son. This will be the first time ever in all of 21 years of married life that Donnie will be visiting us. Sometimes living away from family is a blessing (ha!) but at other in the case of being able to visit each other... it sure sucks.

So, Donnie & Becki arrive in a little over a week and are staying for two weeks. Of course, we're looking forward to that however I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't cause it's own little stresses planning for it all, possibilities of where to take them, what to feed them, etc.

If it was just Donnie & Becki it would be easier as they are both adults and can entertain themselves, however Andrew is only 13 and he deserves to have a good time on vacation! I see trips to the Tall Ships, Discovery Center, Natural History Museum, Beaches in our near future. Complicating things is that neither Hubby or I can get the whole time off work together. Oh well, it will all work out.

It's also getting to be crunch time for Matt and Team Nova Scotia for archery. In a little over 3 weeks we all head out to Vancouver Island for the Canadian Outdoor Target & Field Archery Championships. Matt is entered in both events. Up until now he hasn't practiced much which has been a bit of a sore spot with us. But now that we are getting down to crunch time, he's been getting out a bit more shooting and the team has been organizing more team practices. Of course, we're just getting going with that and Donnie will arrive right in the middle of all these planned archery team practices, which Matt can't miss. Perhaps Andrew will want to tag along and pick up a bow and give it a try. Channel his "inner Gale".

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