Monday, 25 June 2012

Prom night and Matt's great corsage hunt

It's Prom night at Cole Harbour High.  Even though my son is only in grade 11, his girlfriend is in grade 12 and is graduating this year.  Hence, the Prom. My son is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  He's so jittery you'd think he was getting married (God forbid.  I can't believe I even typed that out).   It's odd watching my son date.

Actually, I fine with it.  Robin is a sparkly, bubbly young lady and she brings out good things in Matt.  It's nice to see him when he's around her.

Anyway, back to running around and headless chickens...  so far today he's picked up his tux, dropped off a packed overnight bag of clothes to change into after the prom (safe grad goes all night), vacuumed out the car, made reservations at a local Japanese restaurant and picked up the corsage and boutonniere.   He's going to pick Robin up and take her out to dinner and then they meet up with both sets of parents at a local park for photos before heading over to the prom at Pier 21 in Halifax.   I'm excited to see them all done up.  Neither one of them are fashionistas normally.  The theme of the prom is The 1920's so it will be interesting to see if any of the couples dress to fit the theme. I know Matt's tux is pretty mainstream, nothing 1920's about it but I think that Robin was considering locating a flapper dress and feather boa!  It will be interesting.

About the hardest part of this so far for Matt was shopping for the corsage.  We went to several places here in Dartmouth and we weren't having much luck.  At one place we went to their cooler of flowers looked half dead.  Matt was also not allowed to request his own flower design, he had to pick from sample photos they had on the wall.  So he was kind of put out by that and we left.   At the Superstore flower desk we couldn't order a customized corsage either, we had to take what was in stock.  Which was nothing.  They were due a shipment of orchid corsages all pre-made and packaged up in about a week's time.  He had no say on flowers, colours, anything.  Plus it would have been first come, first selection and it would have had to sit for two weeks in our fridge before prom.  Are they nuts??  So we kept looking.   At the third place we went to Matt wasn't impressed that they tie their flowers for wrist corsages onto this ugly piece of grey stretch elastic.  He asked if they had anything fancier and they said they had pearl bracelets and crystal bracelets but they'd run out of them.  He inquired whether they'd get any back in stock in time for the prom (3 weeks from that point) and they said no.  Three weeks before all the high schools in the city start their proms and they weren't going to order in any bracelets.  Unreal.  So we kept looking.

At this point Matt was frustrated and he decided to go shopping for his own bracelet and hope that he could find a florist who would do the flowers he wanted and tie them onto the bracelet.  We went to Mic Mac Mall and he picked out a really nice crystal bracelet.

Sorry that the picture is so blurry, I was using a cell phone.   So we took the bracelet to yet another florist who had no issues with anything that Matt wanted to do.  It wasn't rocket science for Pete's sake.  The kid just wanted white flowers with pink wax flowers and baby's breath as accents and a pink ribbon.  How hard is that for a flower shop?  He didn't even care what type of white flowers, he just knew that is what Robin wanted and he was bound and determine that is what she was going to get!  I can't believe we had so many problems with such a simple thing.

Matt picked up the finished corsage earlier this morning.  They did a nice job.  I really hope Robin likes it!  She doesn't know about the bracelet or the trouble he went to to get the white flowers with pink wax flowers.


  1. Wow - it looks beautiful! Hope she liked it :) Sounds as if they had a super night planned, hope it was fun! I dream my that little guy grows up to be as thoughtful.

  2. The corsage was beautiful, hope everything went well!


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