Tuesday, 1 May 2012

We need your Stories. USA/NS Ferry initiative

Yesterday a good number of Provincial government employees learned that their jobs were being moved out of Halifax and into rural areas as a way for the government to prop up the stuggling economies and dwindling populations of communities not part of the Urban core. They’re upset, and I don’t blame them. While I think that this certainly will have benefits for the rural communities that these jobs are being moved to I don’t think it will have as big an impact as was anticipated as it is thought that most of the employees that are being forced to move out of Halifax will instead give up their job and stay put. I think if the government wanted to help the economies of the stuggling communities a good first step would be to reinstate the ferry service between Maine and Nova Scotia.
REALTORS® in Nova Scotia were recently encouraged to consider supporting an initiative with their Government Relations Committee (GRC) together with the Nova Scotia International Ferry Partnership (NSIFP) to lobby the Provincial government for the return of the ferry service.

“The Nova Scotia International Ferry Partnership has launched a campaign to collect information and feedback from business and the public on how the loss of the Yarmouth Ferry service, terminated in December 2009, has affected them. The purpose for collecting these personal accounts is to put a ‘human face’ on the issue and share the province-wide impact the loss of the service has created. The information will be distributed by the Nova Scotia International Ferry Partnership to decision-makers with the ultimate goal to secure a new ferry service in the area.
The personal accounts impacting this loss to Nova Scotians are further supported by a recent study that reported the costs associated with losing the ferry service and the lost revenue to the province’s economy to be $16.3 million annually along with a net loss of 260 full-time jobs.”

So, I’m asking for your support with this, Dear Reader. Join us in supporting this initiative with the belief that together, we can inspire change and improve the quality of life for all Nova Scotians. If you, or someone you know, has a personal story on how the loss of this ferry service has negatively impacted your community, your business, your life, please take a few minutes to share your experience. You can submit your story, review the study and learn more by visiting: www.nsusaferry.com.

Please, Pass this on… I want this to go far beyond the reach of my tiny readership. If just a couple of you pass this on to your Nova Scotia friends and they pass it on we can get the word out and help bring this service back to Nova Scotians. We can do this.

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