Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Long weekend battle with the weeds

What an absolutely gorgeous long weekend we just had here in Halifax!  I fear that it will be hard to top so many beautiful, clear, warm sunny days in a row.   And just when I get my hopes up, the skies open up and we all get washed away today!
I cross my fingers on days like this, it’s only  a matter of time before those missing shingles on the roof translates into a nice little leak that stains the ceiling or worse.  We’ve been putting off getting the roof done for a couple of years now.  There are lots of jobs around the house we’ve been putting off waiting to be in a little bit better financial position.  In July we are finally free from our car payments so hopefully we can start planning some home repairs then.
We took advantage of the sunshine to take care of the long neglected front garden and plantings along the retaining/rock wall.  We hadn’t mulched them in  years and there were so many weeds and bare spots where the old landscape fabric showed or worse, was loose and flopped around in the wind.
Our first step was to visit a local nursery and wander around aimlessly for a couple of hours trying to figure out which plants to put in the empty spots in the garden up by the house.  The plants that were there before, while lovely, were killed off by yours truly after I made them suffer for two years.  I really do have a black thumb.  Bet hey, the orchids I got for Mother’s Day are still alive!
So, there were all kinds of really nice options for us.  Nice roses, some really cool and exotic looking flowering shrubs and lots of other choices but in the end we stayed a bit vanilla and settled on two purple dwarf rhododendrons and two leafy bleeding heart plants.   Here they are below before I  kill them off  plant them.
There was a side trip later to pick up about three tractor scoops of mulch from some little out-of-the-way place in Eastern Passage but the guys there were camera-shy and didn’t want me taking pics.  Party poopers. Maybe it had something to do with the cash only rule.
Back at home, I decided to share the joy and announced to my two teen boys how much fun they’d have if they’d only shut down their laptops and come out in the sunshine and grab a shovel.  They weren’t too convinced.  I had my way in the end.  After all, cheap labor is what having kids is all about.  Well, that and someone to take care of me in my old age.
Anyway, here is the first-born and my hubby trying to decide if they are going to put the plants where I want them to or where they want them to go.  Least they’re holding the shovels and I’m on the business end of a camera.  I win.
Once the plants were in and all fertilized and bound up snug in their new home we decided to lay down some old newspapers and wet them down.  It’s supposed to be a good weed barrier, so we decided to try it under our landscape fabric to see if it makes a difference.
All in all, minus the running around for plants and mulch we did the whole job in about 6 hours with all 4 of us working.  And we spread that out over two days so we wouldn’t go bonkers listening to the boys bicker back and forth.  There is a small garden to do at the bottom of our front lawn still and we need to re-do the entire front slope of our lawn where it meets the ditch as that is overgrown too and still has the dead shrubs in it that I killed off last year.  It will be a huge job because it’s about 7 feet wide and 150 feet long.  Not looking forward to that job at all!  Later in the summer…
But for now, the areas we re-did look 100% better and I’m very happy with how they turned out.
A well deserved bask in the sun.


  1. It's coming along nicely Donna! I prefer to be a lazy gardener, so basically plant things that don't need me fussing over them all the time. I plant only hardy roses that don't need to be cuddled and babied in the winter, etc. Your gardens look great. Enjoy them!


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