Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting back on target

Little bit of a busy time in my household lately. Mostly centered around my oldest, Matthew (17) as he generally tries to chew everything he’s bitten off in life with his sports and his schooling.
He is currently involved in two competitive sports, Target shooting (air pistol) and Archery.

For him, this week marks the transition from the indoor archery season to the outdoor season. Indoor archery involves targets set up at 18 meters indoors where it’s relatively comfortable and shooting conditions don’t vary much.

This is Matt during a practice session at the 2011 Canada Winter Games, Halifax NS

Outdoor archery season is a bit of a different animal. It involves being able to shoot at a variety of distances, from 30 meters all the way up to 90 meters. Weather is a huge variable. I’ve seen archers aim at their own target and their arrows end up on the target the next butt over, carried by a gust of wind. At those distances you need heavier arrows and spotting telescopes to be able to see where your arrow hit the target before you take your next shot, you can’t “eyeball” it at a distance of 270 feet!
This is a distance of 50 meters, Canadian Championships Laval, PQ 2010

So this week was the switch over from all of his indoor equipment to his outdoor stuff. And the “crisis” involved when he realized that all his arrows are now too short for him ($600/dozen!!) and that he needs a new arrow rest and a new scope.

I’m going to have to sell another couple of houses!

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  1. I remember keeping track of how your son was doing last year during the games, might have had something to do with your mom being a FB friend!LOL!! She was so proud of her grandson! I think you need to keep selling houses to keep up with his sports, but hey sports are great for teenages!


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