Thursday, 24 May 2012

Closing gifts

I'm always looking for new ideas to give to my buying or selling clients on "Closing Day".   Clients gifts are a practise that I've done off and on over the years and I do admit I need to get more consistent with it as I haven't given them out to all of my clients.  Sometimes I just give a break on the commission to my Sellers, which they appreciate, but it's also nice to give a little tangible momento to my Buyers or Sellers so that it reinforces their positive feelings about the transaction as a whole, and about me.  Sometimes if I'm really lucky, a client will even give me a "Thank you" gift...which is always a nice surprise!  Who doesn't love getting gifts?  :-)

While I know of a few agents that give a nice card and a bottle of wine on "Closing Day" and that is it, I've gone back and forth on ideas for client gifts in the past 10 years.  Here are some that I've done in the past:

1) A wooden model dory with a bottle of wine inside it
2)  Gift cards to a Home Depot or even Sobeys and Tim Hortons.
3)  The entire commission given back to a newly single mom who needed the money and used it as a downpayment on another house after the forced sale of her home due to divorce*
4)  A Dishwasher**
5)  cookbooks
6)  contributions to an Savings Bond for a child whose parent had passed away**
7)  Lotto tickets & a plant to a client who was feeling a bit down in the dumps
8)  A tank of oil and a furnace inspection**
9)  payments for water testing
10)  Gift cards to a nice restaurant
11)   Gift certificates for pizza delivery to use as they were moving in didn't have time to cook
12)  $5000 contribution to a local women's shelter**
13)  Shrubs and bulbs to replace ones that a Seller ripped out of her garden and took with her that she was not supposed to
14)  A fancy shower head... for the same reason as in #13
15) Complimentary home staging 

** These ones were joint gifts from the entire team or between Bruce and I to the client and not just from me.
So, I've been all over the map on gifts.  What I know is that I need to stop the madness a little bit on the big ticket items and just concentrate more on making sure that I remember to give a gift to every single client.  So I am considering making all of my gifts pretty uniform.  I don't know if I'll stick to this or not, as I like to have a bit of variety but we'll see.
This is what I'm trying now:

They are beautiful, whimsical prints by a friend and Nova Scotia folk artist, Shelagh Duffett.  I first met Shelagh about 10 years ago on another blogging website.  I've loved Shelagh's artwork from the first time I saw it.   I was fortunate enough about 5 years ago to be given permission by Shelagh to use two of her prints of houses as the image on the front of my business cards, which I love and get compliments on all the time for being so different than the standard real estate business card.   She's a beautiful person inside and out and I try to support her in little ways whenever I can.

So, I bought a couple dozen of her prints to use as client gifts.  Here are 4 of them framed up and ready to go for a closing that I have on June 1st.  I love them.  They make me smile and hopefully I'll soon have lots of new clients with these in their homes who look at them and smile too...and think of me.


  1. Donna, they look great! I appreciate your generosity! Here's to many more finding their way on to walls of new homes you sell:)

  2. Nice going, Donna. You are not only a classy lady, you are a kind and thoughtful realtor. Continuing success to you

    in Ontario

  3. Love this idea. Shows how awesome you really are. Wish we had "met" earlier.

  4. I think it giving a gift is a great idea. You will be truly remembered. The art work is a lovely idea.

  5. Great idea Donna! It adds a personal warm touch to a closing. Gift cards, etc are nice but...... not quite as personal. I had an agent years ago when I use to paint buy some of the work for closing gifts.

  6. This is a wonderful idea!!!!

    I received a painting from my Realtor when I bought my first house in 1995. I still have it, love it and have done business with her or referred business to her so many times over the years I have lost count. It really is the little things that make the big impression

    Now if I were ever to move to Nova Scotia....I might already know a great Realtor :)

    Kudos to you (and Shelagh!)


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