Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weekend babble, bit of a rant.

Quiet few days.  My hubby turned 50 yesterday.  Now for other people I know 50 seemed like a huge deal complete with parties and buzzards on the lawn and co-workers and family members sneaking packages of Depends and Polident into the house in brightly wrapped packages.  Hubby wanted none of that.  His insistence that it was "just another day" kept ringing in my head and in the end it was just like any other birthday in the house.   A bunch of his childhood friends still keep in touch and amazingly enough they all seem to have April birthdays, one even shares Rob's birthday.  The guys were heading to Toronto for a Van Halen concert and I "suggested" to my hubby that it would be cool if he would go and it would be my 50th birthday present for him.  Nope, he wasn't having any of that either.   So hubby got a "Happy Birthday", a beer or two with the guys from work, a couple cards, a cake and a Canadian Tire gift card and he seemed happy as a clam.

I've been stressing about the whole real estate and blogging thing...what to write about, what makes me think that I am any more of a real estate expert than any one of the 1000's of other real estate bloggers out there and to be honest I wasn't coming up with much.  I've been working in the industry for 21 years now but the truth is I'm no expert.  I've still got so much to learn and everything keeps changing about as fast as I can keep up with it.  Am I the best agent out there?  Of course not.  Am I the busiest?  Heck no.  So what makes me think I can be all pompous and set up my own self promoting blog and spew to the masses about my expertise?  I probably shouldn't.  But I set up this blog anyway, did I not?  I do want more clients.  I do want to be busier in my business.  It IS a business.  This is how I pay my bills and feed my kids and keep my house.   Enter the social media circus.   I won't lie, the work I've done with Facebook, Twitter, this Blog, a website, etc is just a way to try to attract more clients.  I am aware that it will be a slow process but I am seeing some results in the traffic that I am hoping will only go up.  So perhaps in a bit I will be where I want to be.    So, what makes me different?  I do not know that I am.  I Do know that I am ethical, knowledgeable, do not tell a client what they want to hear if it differs from what they need to hear, and when I am representing a client in a transaction I feel that I do a damn good job.   So far, I've never listed a house that did not sell.   So there you have it.   

I read something yesterday that made me rethink my approach to this blog.  I read that my blog content/posts should only be 10% real estate related and 90% about me and my life and whatever else made me write.  That blogging for business was more about engaging people than about telling them how good you are.  (So pretend you didn't just read that last few lines about how good I am).   So from now on, I'm not going to stress about the real estate content and just be me.  

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  1. Donna it's awesome to see that wherever I read your writings I can see that you haven't lost your sense of humour about yourself one bit! I don't "tweet" but I'll be happy to plug this blog anyway I can :) ~Peace, my friend.


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