Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dartmouth has a new lotto winner!  Someone local is holding a winning ticket for better than $15.7 million.  How exciting.   My congrats to the winner, whomever they turn out to be!  The Hubby and I are in a couple lotto pools with our respective workplaces but I’m sure that if we had been the lucky ones we’d have gotten phone calls by now.  Ah well, a girl can dream.  I just can not imagine that much money.  I’ve gotten used to the day-to-day life of making it to pay cheque to pay cheque with the occasional commission cheque earned to prop up the finances a bit.  There are a lot of repairs/home improvements pending in this house and it would be hard to imagine suddenly having the money to just get it all done.
It reminds me of a project that both my boys had in their Grade 5 school year.  Their teacher gave them a fictional $1 million dollars to spend and they had to detail in a report and on a bristol board poster what they would spend the money on.   Thing Two simply looked up what models of cars cost $1 million and put a picture of the car on a piece of bristol board and called it done.  The voices in my head were all screaming “that’s cheating!!” but it was his project and I try to let them do their work on their own and get the credit/consequences for their effort.   Thing One was not so quick.  He really put a lot of thought into it.
I’m going to cheat a bit and include my blog entry from that time below.  I thought it was cute:

Sunday, October 16, 2005

On Friday my 10-year-old son Matthew became a millionaire.

He was presented with a million dollars and a mission.

He had until the end of the weekend to spend it all.   Spend.  Not give away.  (charities and investments accepted). 

So he’s been a busy little beaver.   I’ve had to help by making suggestions and searching for things (like a cottage on Prince Edward Island…we found a lovely one for $269,900!)

So he’s made a list of his expenditures so far…it’s long but I think it’s cute:

1.  $50,000 to Children’s Hospital

2.  $50,000 to Red Cross

3.  Trip for 4 to his teacher which cost him $8050

4.  a watch for his dad

5.  An RV for his dad

6.  A truck to haul the RV

7.  A baby Hummer for his dad

8.  a stereo for Mrs Kennedy, the music teacher

9.  a dishwasher for his mom (*waves*)

10.  a washer and dryer for his mom

11.  a snowboard and helmet for his brother

12.  a bracelet and necklace for his mother

13.  a cruise to Alaska for his nana and papa Jones

14.  A cruise to France for his papa Laprade

15.  Wide screen TV for his Nannie Snow

16.  5 game boy games for himself

17.  a cd player for himself

18.  a pool table for himself

19.  a table soccer game for himself

20.  a table hockey game for himself

21.  a pinball machine for himself

22.  A dinner for 8 from world-famous chef, Michael Smith, cooked in our kitchen with his assistance (yes you can actually buy this in the Sears Catalogue for $41,000)

23.  a ride on lawn mower for his dad

24.  a cottage in PEI for the family

25.  a hot tub for the family

26.  an education savings of $100,000 for himself

27.  an education savings of $100,000 for his brother

28.  an 11 day Disney cruise for the family

29.  a cat for his brother

30.  $50,000 for his cub pack

31.  $50,000 for his school

32.  a new car for his Aunts/Uncles (8 in total)

We have about $250 left to spend today.  And NS doesn’t allow Sunday shopping…lol!

Anyway, I think Matt is learning a lot by this.  Math, of course.  But also sadly, that when you suddenly have a significant amount of money everyone has their hand out.   As demonstrated over the past couple of days by his own family!!  We’re all asking for things or suggesting things!   At one point his teacher was on the list for a fabulous vacation, a luxury house, a 4×4 truck and lots of jewellery.   I, at that point, was on the list for a washer and dryer.  I did not see the humour in this and told him that he was being a bit excessive in gifts to his teacher.   lol!    I notice he’s changed the list so she’s only getting a vacation and he’s added a dishwasher and some jewellery for me!   ha! 

Like he said “Everyone wants a piece of me!”

On another note, I’ve heard it said that it’s been proven that 100% of lottery winners gain weight.   Who needs that???


  1. That is a lot of dough for someone to win! I would just like to win around $2 million..enough to pay some bills, go on a nice trip and put the rest in the bank. Also, there is high rates of divorce among lotto winners and I would not want that either! lol! Angie xo

  2. Nope happily married and fluffy enough. Although i would like to be the one to prove it wrong. ;)

  3. I only want to spend money when I have none, and like to hoard it when I have it. So not sure what I would do. Perhaps I'll hire you son as my financial adviser!LOL!! I've always thought I'd like to own my own little island, to avoid all those "relatives" who come out of the woodwork and pester big winners. Of course my first thing would be a very long stay in the British Isles! My dream vacation. I'll hire Oprah's chef if I get a bit rounder!


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