Monday, 23 April 2012

Adventures in Beer & Laundry

Well, another weekend has come and gone at Casa Laprade and once again I feel like I got Didly Squat accomplished.  

Saturday we were woken up by the sounds of the neighbour taking his ride on lawn mower for a joy ride.  Seriously.  The guy started it up and then proceeded to spend the next hour riding it up and down the road and around and around in circles in the cul-de-sac.  Not a blade of grass did he cut.  He just...rode.

Someone needs to get the dude a skateboard.

Since I was up early I got a start on the laundry and
anticipating a great clothesline day I started stripping all the beds and stuffing the washing machine and churning out a week's worth of laundry loads.  I love the smell of line dried sheets!   Earlier hubby was complaining that he had no work socks and Thing One actually lounged around the living room in his bathrobe while complaining that he had no clean jeans.  I don't think it would occur to either one of them to actually put in a load of laundry!   Anyway, things were going well until I came home from grocery shopping and went to reel in the clothesline full of sheets & pillowcases and they'd wrapped themselves around and around the line in the wind so bad that the clothesline wouldn't budge.  It's quite a ways off the ground so my dear hubby had to go out and stand on top of a step ladder and try to reach and grab hold of the laundry with a long rake and yank the clothes off.  It was so funny!  I remarked that I wished I'd had my camera and Hubby said that if a camera was coming out it would be ME up on top of the ladder reaching for the clothes and not him!  Spoil sport.

We finally found some time to get some wine and beer bottled.  We have brewed our own wine for 20 years.   We used to do all our own beer as well but we got tired of cleaning up the mess as more often then not we'd have one or two bottles from every batch explode on us.  Try cleaning up broken glass and beer dripping off your ceiling and walls.  Not to mention the room smelling like a saloon for a week afterwards!   This time we brewed a Cabernet Sauvignon (red) and a Sauvignon Blanc (white).  They get better as they sit in the bottle but they were pretty good as is (we HAD to sample, quality control, you know?).   The beer was a Honey Brown ale and it was pretty good but flat as it doesn't carbonate itself until after you bottle it.  We got about 65 bottles and they are sitting down in the laundry room although I was pushing to store them out in the garage.   I swear if they explode, Hubby is cleaning it up this time.
Hubby built this wine rack in the storage area under the stairs (pictured left).  It's a perfect spot for wine storage as is is uninsulated and it is fairly cool all year round.  We jokenly refer to it as our wine cellar or our wine room.  It's pretty large, this picture only shows the left side of it and only about half.  There is also more to the top and bottom of it than is visible in this picture.
All in all it will hold several hundred bottles of wine.  It's about half full now.  

I saw this picture (right) online of a wine storage area under the stairs and I would have loved to have done something like that with ours.  It's so cool looking with the glass doors!  

Yesterday was the first Sunday in 3 months (besides Easter Sunday) that I had not done an open house.  I purposely took it off to give myself a break, but I have to admit I caught myself thinking several times that instead of feeling rested and relaxed...I just felt lazy and like I should be working.  

I am going to take another Sunday off and then I will get back at it. 


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  1. Love the wine rack under the stairs, ummmm that's a lot to drink! I just all my christmas ornaments and decorations under ours. Don't you just love it when they have nothing to wear!


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